Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A nanny picked up a wrong boy

For most Parisian parents summer break means desesperate searching for a nanny to take care of the children after the holidays. 

Parisian parents search for more and more cost-effective solutions and an ever-changing Moroccan or Senegalese nounou had become a rule. It goes whitout saying that the nanny's hourly rate is very small, around 3,5 - 4 € in Paris ares, in the countryside even less. The poor kid never knows who is waiting for him at the school gate. 

My daughter's school director especially advised parents to present the nanny and the child to each other beforehand to avoid what happened the first day of school last September: a nanny picked up the wrong boy. For the nanny all white blond haired six-year-old Jean-Pierres with striped shirts and navy-blue pants looked somehow similar. Also the boy was used to changing black faces and didn’t protest either.  He thought he was in the nanny’s house when he was, in fact, taken to the other boy’s home. 

As far as the right boy was concerned, the school director, used to some dysfunction at the beginning of the school year, kept him busy in an after-school sports class, confident that somebody would collect him sooner or later. What a shock for the parents coming home and seeing an unknown boy at the dinner table instead of their own dear Jean-Pierre!