Saturday, May 6, 2017

The gas company threatened to cut the gas
I had applied some months ago to a small gas benefit aimed at helping poor Parisian families. The social worker assumed that the money was on the way but the national gas company started to lose patience and threatened to cut the gas. I decided to write to the mediator who was in charge of problems dealing with public administration. I was so used to boosting myself by playing “claiming music” that I found it hard to start the letter in silence. But I was not alone in the workplace. The elderly woman was still splish-splashing in the bath tub and since French people prefer chansons to good old rock’ roll, I considered that Abba’s “Money, money, money” wouldn’t make the lady swallow the bubbles. I put the music on on my computer and started typing.
“Dear Mediator,
I’m requesting your mediation regarding my one hundred thirty-eight euro energy benefit claim which was accepted by the Paris Social Services the 14th of October (please see attached the letter of acceptance of the claim). The payment was supposed to be made directly to my electricity and gas supplier.
After almost four months of waiting I now feel obliged to ask for your kind assistance to facilitate an early resolution of my claim. In the meantime, I have made several requests and according to Social Services the payment has been made. On the electricity and gas supplier’s side the payment is not in sight. I have settled the remaining balance excluding the 138 euros aid which is still on the way. However, the company now threatens to cut the gas (see the attached letter).

I thank you in advance for your kind attention to my problem and I am confident that your assistance will help to unblock the situation.

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