Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hiding barbie dolls from terrorists

When I arrived at home in the evening I found Laura’s Barbie dolls hiding in the living room. All eight were placed in different hideouts. Some of them under the sofa, one in a flower pot, one was even under the carpet. When I started tidying up I heard Laura’s alarmed voice from the bathroom:
-          Don’t touch them! They will all die!
-          Why are the Barbies dying Laura? I asked.
-          If they stay still the terrorists will not find them. The police said if you can’t get outside you should hide or lie down on the floor, she explained.
-          Where did you meet this policeman? At school? I asked.
-          Yes. He explained what we should do when terrorists attack. I know everything now and I can even build a barricade to block the door when they are coming, Laura said.
-          They are not coming. Come here. Let’s tell your Barbies they are safe here, I said taking my daughter in my arms. She still had toothpaste in her mouth. We uncovered the hidden doll’s one by one telling each of them that everything was all right.
I put my daughter into bed and wondered whether is was a good idea to teach children at school to hide in case of a terrorist attack.

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