Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My boss never paid French taxes
Jee Eun Kim arrived in the office around eleven a.m. as usual with sophisticated make up and a perfectly cut woman’s suit. She handed me a letter in French and asked me to tell her what it was about. It was from the Paris city tax office. It was the eighth reminder to settle unpaid ownership and residence taxes. It seemed that my boss had never paid anything.
-          Look, in France you have two types of local property taxes; an ownership tax and a residence tax. It seems that you have missed the payments from the beginning of your ownership of the avenue Hoche apartment. The tax office is now asking you to settle the nearly twenty thousand euro balance, I said.
-          I don’t understand what it is all about! If I don’t understand the reason, I won’t pay, Jee Eun Kim screamed.
-          It might be different in South Korea but in France all the property owners pay these taxes, I said.
-          You should write a letter right away to the Paris tax office to ask for an explanation about this amount. You write that the owner doesn’t understand why it is so much, Jee Eun Kim ordered.

-          Sure Madam, I will write the letter right away, I said knowing that she wouldn’t listen to any reasoning when she is upset. And so I started typing the letter to Paris tax office.

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  1. Hi Milla,
    Found your blog while browsing some french related websites. I'm from Singapore and been staying in France for 2 years now (not in Paris), my French is going nowhere unfortunately. I love your writing style. Wondering about your situation now, the article that brought me to your blog was about being poor is a full time job in France. Is it better? Why do you still consider to stay in Paris and not go back home? Sorry if i ask too many personal questions! Would love to read all your posts but that would take some time =) keep writing. Take care!