Saturday, March 25, 2017

I finally got universal health care!
At last, I got good news from the Family Allowance Fund who finally accepted my demand for the universal health care, CMU. This could be considered a great victory as the eight-page claim form had boomeranged back with all the thirteen enclosed documents three times and I had regretted not only the lost time but also the wasted stamps. My family and I now had free health care. It means that we can go to the doctor and get medication without a penny being spent. I still had a half broken tooth in my mouth. In the meantime I had claimed a supplementary health care benefit and had been lucky to get it. But in the end, the amount covered only a part of the future operation. Therefore, I had postponed the operation and learned to masticate by using only the left side of my jaw.

A metallic crown for poors
I was finally able to go to the dentist! It was obvious that the half broken tooth couldn’t be prepared. I needed a crown. In my disappointment I learned that CMU covered only a cheap metal crown, not a porcelain one. The dentist didn’t even want to hear about a metal crown. He told me I would have a metallic taste in my mouth forever. I said I don’t care. All I want is to get a new tooth for free. But he still refused. The problem was that he had already started the dental operation. There was no coming back and I didn’t have one hundred and eighty euros for the porcelain crown. I argued fifteen minutes with the dentist’s accountant to make her accept an uncovered check. He promised not to cash it before the end of the month. 

Free end of the month credit by using a heque book 
It is not difficult to guess why French people are keen on their check books even though they are vanishing in other countries. The country being plunged into depression, check payment is poor people’s credit payment because it’s free of charge. Especially on Friday when you can be sure that it can’t be cashed until Monday. I do this every time a paycheck is to come on Monday.

   A 75 percent sponsored Paris Navigo transportation card and unprivileged people’s electricity and gas tariff were supposed to follow the CMU. I considered filling the claim forms for those two as soon as possible so that I could keep on using the metro without begging to social services every month.

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