Saturday, March 11, 2017

Crooked by the bank
As I practically never use my credit card, I started to wonder why the balance plunged regularly under the authorized limit. After a study of the recent bank statements I realized that the bank had started to take surprise commissions from my account every time the balance became negative and I used the card. The bank account being regularly in the red, I used to be charged according to an average annual proportional interest rate. 
   Now, even a one euro purchase was penalized by a fixed fifteen euros commission. All together the commissions taken now and then represented a remarkable amount. In fact, the merchant bank hadn’t missed my impoverishment and had taken this as an opportunity to redefine the terms and conditions. Without taking care of informing me about this in any way. That’s how the bank had managed to steal substantial amounts from me every month without us even noticing it. I contacted our bank advisor who unfortunately was in the blabla mode and didn’t give me any other reason than the arrogant “Madam, I regret that you don’t agree with our terms and conditions”. I didn’t agree with the bank’s idea to attack us when we were lying down.
   I decided to get my money back and write to the bank Mediator. I put Jessie J’s “Price Tag” on but then realized I needed more adrenaline for the task. I got boosted by AC/DC’s “Moneytalks”
“Dear Mediator,
I am requesting your mediation regarding my contestation of the recent bank commissions, which had not been taken into consideration by my bank, Crédit Commercial de Paris. 
   In fact, Crédit Commercial de Paris has taken the liberty to change the terms and conditions of my account by a unilateral decision, without any previous negotiation or written announcement. Not being informed, I have not been able to anticipate the change and, therefore, a substantial amount of commissions has been taken from my account without my consent. Please find enclosed the three latest bank statements.
   As a client of Crédit Commercial de Paris since ten years, I would expect being contacted in case of such a radical change of my terms and conditions. I remain open to any negotiations concerning the new modalities of the account and would appreciate to receive a written document about the proposed changes. In the meanwhile, I look forward to Crédit Commercial de Paris’s earliest reimbursement of the commissions taken without my consent.
   I thank you in advance for your attention to my contestation. I am confident that your kind assistance will help to reestablish a good client relationship with my bank.

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