Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Left handed Peruvian humanoid with fluent ancient Greek

   I had sent my fake CV to several temporary work agencies as well. One of them contacted me to verify my language skills and typing speed in order to place me as a secretary or an assistant. The language test was easy but typing some other person’s text was something new to me. My writing speed depends on the speed of my thoughts. I now needed to read a letter written by somebody else and try to retype it as fast as I could. Since it was not my own text I made plenty of mistakes. Still I was surprised I could type so fast and I had a feeling that I did it all right. However, I learned that I was far below the required fifty words per minute score.
The most difficult was when they asked me to read a handwritten draft and then type it. It was in a doctor’s handwriting, chosen on purpose of course. I guessed most of it. The agency also tested my audio typing, which means having a headset covering your ears and typing what somebody is dictating. The recorded voice was an unpleasant high-pitched male voice some French men have when they get angry. Also, in my opinion, the sentences needed to be changed into something more fluent, which is what I actually did. The agency let me know they don’t have anything right now but they will call me.
   I started even wondering whether it is finally more difficult to get a poorly paid whatever job than a real job. It had taken me years and some hundreds of job applications to get my first serious communication position in Paris. The city of lights attracts talent from every continent. Even poor countries are now losing their educated youngsters who come to Paris full of dreams believing in brilliant career opportunities. Consequently Paris employers can be extremely exigent knowing that if they are willing to hire a left handed Peruvian humanoid who speaks fluent ancient Greek they will find one in a week. Instead of a juicy apple better life seekers find just a stem.

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