Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Faking real business to a Korean partner
When I arrived at the office this morning I found Jee Eun Kim nervously making a mess at her usually empty desk. She speared invoices and all kind of paper sheets all over the conference table as well. She explained that a Korean business partner was arriving in any minute and at his arrival I should go to the cellar and call her on her mobile several times. She also asked me to call all the company’s ancient raw material and bottle suppliers and ask for quotations. It wasn’t hard to understand the purpose was to create a normal office atmosphere and make us both look busy.

He believed we talked about the stock
The Korean partner, a thin and small gray-haired man didn’t speak any French. Therefore, our discussions about the new fashion TV channel and a broken coffee machine sounded like real business to him.
-          I can’t figure out why my nails are breaking almost every day now. I have always had hard and beautiful nails, Jee Eun Kim said in French, pretending to be interested in an old stock list on her desk.
-          Are you sure you get enough minerals in your nutrition? I asked pointing at a random figure on the same stock list over her shoulder.
-          It can also be due to stress. Can you believe Mirror Palace once again delivered the wrong product! This time the mirror was the right size but with rounded edges. I am really getting mad at them, Jee Eun Kim said, underlining a random word on the list.
-          Do you want me to call the store? I asked still looking at the same stock list and highlighting a random sentence with a yellow marker pen.

An unlucky sales man dropped in
As my boss’s business partner was not too busy to leave the office, I called all my friends with the company’s phone and tried to look as businesslike as possible while talking. I even pretended to take notes on Jee Eun Kim’s agenda while chatting with my grandmother in Finland.

Also a door-to-door salesman who happened to drop in the boutique this day had the loveliest welcome ever. He was surprised to have a one-hour “business meeting” with the owner. But he left the office frustrated by the time waste without having sold any of his exit signboards. On the contrary, the partner flew back to Korea with a strong belief in Millefleur’s blooming Paris business. 

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